Lancie Goodie | Lead Travel Specialist

Traveling has been a passion of mine for the past 15 years.  It started when I was a flight attendant for a regional carrier and then moved to fly for mainline.  During those years I was blessed to be able to visit the world, unlike the others. Free!! 
Today I’m still in the industry but in a different capacity and now I can take my passion for traveling and add to it the pleasure of exploring and living life to the fullest by trying something new. 

I’m constantly learning more about the travel agent industry and using my knowledge to give my clients five-star service. 

Having the capability to explore the world meet different people and learn about different cultures has truly been a blessing.   Now as a travel agent I get to help others visit the world and live life to its fullest.   I have been fortunate to have been all over the United States, Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Mexico. 
Ready to book? Allow me to assist with suggestions, payment plans, and booking. Relax we got you! 


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What sets Stars N Skyes Travel® apart from the rest? I would say it's our extensive, first-hand travel experience and the exceptional personalized service that we provide our clients. Everyone travels for different reasons. We are able to provide services for singles, couples, families, weekend getaways, and group travel. Click Here to Learn More.

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